Foods That Adventurous Guests Will Love!

Are you having a party of adventurous guests? It’s a great idea to hire caterers who can create a menu they will absolutely love. Obtaining a menu of delicious foods that is also as fun as possible! Featuring some exciting items on your list of options is a great way to impress your guests. Take a look at a few examples of some foods that can be used to creative dishes that your adventurous guests are bound to enjoy.


This exotic fruit, lychee, is from Southeast Asia. They’re known to impart the most delicious taste experiences, when freshly picked. The outsides of the lychee are red and scaly, but the insides are juicy and creamy with a mildly sweet and tangy taste. Lychee can be used as a sauce, glaze, or added into fun drinks.


For making sausage, stirring up a gumbo, or frying, alligator is very versatile and tasty. This Southern meat is sure to be a favorite after trying it for the first time. The caterers you hire may also be willing to incorporate it into an etouffee, or serving it fried with a garlic dipping sauce on your menu.


Escargot is cooked land snails. It’s best known to be served as a luxury appetizer in France and French restaurants. Your adventurous guest will love this dish flavored with garlic and herb butter or baked with cheese.

Dim Sum

Mostly served small and bite sized, this traditional Chinese treat can be created in countless ways to impress your guests. Made with meat, seafood, or vegetarian, this dish can be served as a great warm appetizer or even as an entree if you are going for an asian-inspired menu.  The most popular dim sum dishes are dumplings and steamed pork buns.