When you are in the market for off-premise caterer, New Jersey restaurants may leave you high and dry. At Protégé Catering, we specialize in bringing the food to your location, with full service, drop off, or pick up options. Your event can be everything you dreamed of, even with restaurant-quality food and beverages, with our help.

Our goal is to provide you with more than just quality food and service. We want to be the only source you need for all of your event planning needs. For that reason, we offer far more than simple food and refreshment setup. When you call us, you will have everything you need to plan an exceptional event literally at your fingertips.

Many events require a bar or adult-friendly beverages. We are fully licensed to serve alcoholic beverages, stocking an extensive selection of imported and domestic drinks as well as non-alcoholic beverages so you can set up your bar however you would like. Our full menu includes foods to tantalize any tastebud.

We also arrange for any equipment rental you need for your meal and presentation, so we are truly full-service event specialists. We can accommodate needs for technology, such as projectors and screens, as well as custom floral arrangements or plants to decorate your location. Transportation, valet parking, photography services, security, and even corporate gifts are all services we can provide.

When you call us, one of our coordinators will learn all about your needs, including everything from equipment to service. We will make the arrangements for you, taking the stress of planning off of your shoulders. Simply show up at the location, and we will have everything ready.

So call Protégé today to learn more about an off premise caterer. New Jersey event planners do not have to be tied down to restaurant or hotel meeting rooms for their next big event with our flexible and comprehensive services.